‘Life, Lessons and Love’

by Dr Jordan Alexander


Ready for a wild adventure into online dating?

I Love You, Send Money provides you with premium seating to get intimate with James and Alexis in this modern day fairy tale. Each goes online searching for true love. Neither expects to find a perfect match. The emotional rollercoaster of their story, the first and only online dating experience for Alexis, is best enjoyed with a glass of wine by the cozy fireplace.

Indulge in the compelling narrative of this reality read. Each chapter is paired with food and wine, mood music and art, leaving a lasting impression in your reading experience. This Internet dating romance with a twist brings new meaning to the saying: All’s fair in love and war.



Finding true love is never easy, especially if it’s your first time. Just as she gets her life back on track and is comfortable flying solo, a casual rendezvous with flyboy Jack sends Alexis into romance free-fall. We follow Alexis to the great white north of Canada, the Pacific Northwest and exotic new locales. Exploring different places is good fun, but the greatest adventure is the one of self-discovery.

In this sequel, Alexis seeks answers to deeper questions that underpin her life, beliefs, and foundations. It is an extreme love story, balancing a long distance courtship with learning the art of self-love – both elusive, but for different reasons. Aristotle once said ‘knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ What he neglected to mention, was that it might cause turbulence…



The final in the series is Love Adventures: To Infinity & Beyond. Due in 2020, you’ll learn why the sky is the limit when it comes to the transformational power of three little words to make your relationship great – and no, they are not I love you...

Alexis bravely goes back online to find true, deep and meaningful love. Ready to
change her pattern of false starts and unsuccessful relationships, Alexis has a ‘new and improved’
healthy and realistic outlook on love. Lessons from: I love you, send money and Turbulence: An extreme
love story
 ensured she is equipped to connect with confidence, clear on what she wants, and
appreciates the new awareness of her authentic self.
Her mission… Find her guy.

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Jordan M Alexander is a master with words. She has sprinkled her knowledge of various diverse topics … from the scientific facts backing oysters as being aphrodisiacs to stereotypical sheep references … she has included all the right ingredients to keep readers hooked. And hooked, I was! I Love You, Send Money is a much-needed wake-up call for all eager-to-fall-in-love romantics who ignore red flags, even if those flags slap them across their faces. Alexis’ story is the funniest possible version of the truth about online dating…’

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