I love you, send money

Ready for a wild adventure into online dating? It is estimated that by 2040 over 70% of new relationships will start online. Internet dating is all the rage, radically changing our ideas of romance, sex and relationships. No longer a domain for the desperate, society continues to embrace dating sites as a good way to meet people and user number skyrocket. It’s easy to do and so many find true love. There’s never been a better time. Or so it seems…

I Love You, Send Money provides you with premium seating to get intimate with James and Alexis in this modern day fairy tale. Each goes online searching for true love. Neither expects to find a perfect match. The emotional rollercoaster of their story, the first and only online dating experience for Alexis, is best enjoyed with a glass of wine by the cozy fireplace. Indulge in the compelling narrative of this reality read. Each chapter is paired with food and wine, mood music and art, leaving a lasting impression in your reading experience. This Internet dating romance with a twist brings new meaning to the saying: All’s fair in love and war.

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Alexis is a bubbly, warm, passionate and cultured Gemini who loves her wine and long walks on the beach. She has been too busy working in her successful consulting business and raising her daughters to think about her love life. That is until her friends, at one of their regular wine-filled book club sessions convince her to give online dating a go…


James is a romantic, caring and mysterious gentleman who travels the world running his successful railway consultancy. His best friend is his teenage son Mike, who means everything to him, as he continues to mourn the loss of his late wife to cancer. His assistant sets him up an online profile so James will get out there, start dating and begin to live again.

“A sassy, humorous, and gripping novel that had me wrestling with raw emotion. If you consider yourself smart and cautious, you need to read this book!”

Jackie Andrews

“Touching and sincere, this is an important story for all of us looking for love in the twenty-first century.”

John Ogden

“A perfect companion for those signing up on a dating site for the first time. Be prepared: read the book then go forth and find your special someone…in that order!”

Erin Whyte

“This book made me laugh out loud, even while reaching for tissues. I Love You, Send Money is entertaining on many levels, and really packs a punch.”

T Lara

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