Love Adventures: To Infinity & Beyond

The final in the series is Love Adventures: To Infinity & Beyond. Due in 2020, you’ll learn why the sky is the limit when it comes to the transformational power of three little words to make your relationship great – and no, they are not I love you.

Transform your love life with three little words
Want to take your relationship to infinity and beyond? Work on it.

In this final of the trilogy of life, lessons and love, due out in 2020 discover the transformational power of three little words to make a relationship great – and no, they are not I love you.

The sky is the limit as Alexis bravely goes back online to find true, deep and meaningful love. Ready to change her pattern of false starts and unsuccessful relationships, Alexis has a ‘new and improved’ healthy and realistic outlook on love. Lessons from: I love you, send money and Turbulence: An extreme love story ensured she is equipped to connect with confidence, clear on what she wants, and appreciates the new awareness of her authentic self.

Her mission… Find her guy.

Eric Byrne swiped right into her life on day two. He will boldly go where no man has gone before, giving Alexis the sense of home and belonging she craved; providing wind beneath her wings to soar to new heights. After their first date, she instinctively took his arm as they walked home. It hasn’t left there since…

When two people work on a relationship, the sky really is the limit. Follow the journey of Eric and Alexis as they travel together through love adventures: romance and infatuation, change and deep trust, sexual and spiritual connection. Together, they show how to ‘work on it’ and tackle challenges front on, all the while breathing life into Dick Frizzell’s art: “The meaning of life is…is us.”

Trailer: Love Adventures: To Infinity & Beyond

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