‘I LOVE YOU, SEND MONEY’ PAPERBACK (Northern Hemisphere Readers)


The paperback has features that the eBook cannot support like special meta-formatting with MSN speech-bubble conversation, graphics avatars, special emails and diary entries. Get yours today!
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6 reviews for ‘I LOVE YOU, SEND MONEY’ PAPERBACK (Northern Hemisphere Readers)

  1. Anne Carter

    Jordan – thank you so much… A little close to home but I totally loved your book – very well written, extremely funny… albeit slightly scary & sad.
    I cannot wait to read your next book in what I am sure will be an excellent trilogy.
    Five start rating from me!!!!

  2. Claire

    A woman searching for love + the “wonderful” world of internet dating = a story that’s both hard to believe and so dreadfully common!

  3. Nicola Rahman

    An important reality read for anyone considering online dating but an interesting read for all. Moments of absolute disbelief that this type of fraud operating at such an intelligent level could occur.
    A page turner for me!

  4. Kristie

    Could not put this book down and ended up reading it in two days (sorry neglected friends and family……)
    Found myself frequently alternating between laughter and tears. Ms. Alexander has a cheeky sense of humor that had me laughing out loud, while also crying at the predicaments she found herself in, but when it ended I just wanted to give her a giant fist-bump for standing tall, telling her story, and inevitably teaching others many important lessons.

  5. Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

    I Love You, Send Money by Jordan M Alexander is a wild adventure into online dating. In the next 20 years or so, we can expect a high percentage of new relationships to begin life on the internet. Internet dating is the in thing right now and is no longer seen as a seedy, desperate pastime. It’s THE place to be, THE place to be seen, and the very best place to meet a well-matched partner. At least that’s why Alexis and James joined. Alexis has no time for relationships; she is too busy with family and work. James is successful, he gets about in his job, and he dotes on his son. He lost his wife 8 years before and thinks the time is right to start again. Neither of them is expecting to find the right person, but they still sign up. So, pour a glass of wine, settle in, and join Alexis and James on a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions.

    I Love You, Send Money by Jordan M Alexander was a great read. Internet dating doesn’t have to be bad, it doesn’t have to be for the desperate, and it definitely isn’t always dangerous. This was a riveting read, full of emotion with a dark twist to it. It is funny, sad, romantic, and adventurous all in one. The writing style gives you the feeling that you are peering over someone’s shoulder, reading what they write, watching as they fight through the battles of each chapter. Although it is a real story, it was written to feel like a cosy novel with a harsh touch of reality. This was incredibly well-written, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time, and a fascinating read. Looking forward to the next one.

  6. Asher (London)

    I Love You, Send Money: A wild adventure into online dating by Jordan M Alexander is the author’s memoir about their leap back into the dating pool, when dating websites were still in their training nappies but growing by the second as the newewst marketplace for the single and ready to mingle. Or just hook-up, depending on who you ask. Canadian-born New Zealander Alexis jumps in for the first time, a single mother with two daughters, two pets, and a demanding career. James is an American widower with a son and a job that has him globe-trotting. Written in a fantastic triage of narrative, emails, and instant messages, Alexander pairs the chapters and storyline with references to music, art, food, and an adult (usually). beverage.

    Jordan M Alexander is my hero. I Love You, Send Money is ridiculously on point when it comes to the dating experience, and the things that come out of Alexis’ mouth and mind, and claw through the pages, are on another level. This is Bridget Jones if Bridget Jones was a real person. She’s not—but Alexander is, and the mantra of “humour in adversity” that Alexis adheres to is basically the theme of this book. The creativity here is astounding and the writing is sublime. Yes, it’s a memoir, but it reads like fab fiction, even when it feels soul crushing. “I’ve given you everything I have, James, my heart, my time, my love, my finances.” Alexis is in a complete nose dive, a victim with a real story to tell that needs to be read—particularly as it took some serious bravery to write.

    Review written for Readers’ Favorite.

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