Real Me, Better We

Still, searching for your perfect partner?

It’s time to get real.

Real Me Better We will change how you date and relate, taking your love life to the next level. Many of us never learned the ‘basics of relationships’ so find ourselves thinking we are ‘unlucky at love’ or ‘too picky’. 

Let Real Me Better We guide you with 10 simple steps to take you from single to success. Learn to navigate your heart and decode digital dating. Stop shopping at the bargain bin of love – Invest in yourself and you too can find lasting love. Remember – Love takes two, but it starts with you!

Comes complete with separate workbook to complete exercises.

In Real Me Better We, best-selling author Dr Jordan Alexander invites you to ‘get real’, learn to navigate your heart and decode digital dating. 

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What people say about the book…

Real Me Better We is a powerful and revealing self-help guide to better online relationships. This is the perfect resource to use if you are looking online for a partner. The secret, according to this renowned author and relationship expert, is to get real…”

Tammy Ruggles

“My favorite chapter was regarding attachment style; the information was so insightful. There is so much information, techniques, and self-analysis questionnaires included in this guide that anyone contemplating online dating will have a fantastic foundation to help them find a compatible partner. A highly recommended read”

Leslie Jones

“Unfortunately, looking for real love online is not for the cynical and faint of heart. The good news is that you don’t need to kiss many frogs to find the right person, and Dr Jordan Alexander is here to help. Founder of Love Assist Associates, Dr Jordan combines her thirty years of experience as a business consultant with evidence-based research and case studies from coaching clients and singles to improve or find healthy relationships.”

Vincent Dublado

“Right off the bat, Real Me Better We starts with a quiz to assess its reader’s readiness for a relationship. I love how Dr Jordan Alexander saw this as a necessity…it makes the book incredibly personalized.”

Cassie Widjaja