Spotify Playlists

If a picture paints a thousand words, how many can a song add?

In keeping with a 2009 study that found personalised music can enhance perception, Dr Jordan Alexander has carefully curated some unique playlists to add to your experience of her trilogy series. This is just another part of her journey in life, lessons, and love.

Laugh, cry, and sing along with the story of Alexis, as she navigates the rocky road (and skies) of love in this day and age. Featuring timeless classics like Walking on Sunshine, and Tubthumping, to modern bops such as Thinking Out Loud, and Royals, each track corresponds with a chapter in each novel.

As music creates an “intriguing stimulus” within our minds, Jordan wrote these songs into her chapters to give her readers yet another way to truly connect with Alexis, taking these steps with her. And, because it’s important to indulge all of our sense, she cleverly incorporated the magic of song into her work for all of you.

Let these Spotify playlists take you on a literal ride with each advancing chapter of “I Love You, Send Money” and it’s thrilling follow up “Turbulence: An Extreme Love Story.”

We all have songs that transport us back to a certain time. Well, now you can share Alexis’ songs as she strives through life, lessons, and love.