Turbulence: An extreme love story

Trailer: Turbulence: An extreme Love Story

Climb to new heights in this sequel to I love you, send money. In this next installment of the Alexis story, you can expect lots more lessons and lots more love.

Wanting nothing more than to put the biggest mistake in her life behind her, Alexis Jordain gives her love life a holiday, so she can get the rest of her world under control. Comfortable flying solo, she never expected the rendezvous with Jack to boomerang.

If their one-night meet-cute in Hawaii left the pair pondering love-at-first-sight, an unforgettable six-day ‘first date’ had the couple contemplating – could this be happily ever after?

In this extreme love story, Alexis balances a long-distance courtship with learning the art of self-love – both elusive, but for different reasons. The romance freefall triggers her inner demons to rear their ugly heads. Each pose a new threat as Alexis grows more anxious, lonely and depressed. She seeks answers to deeper questions that underpin her life, beliefs, and foundations. Will she leave behind her excess baggage and don her own oxygen mask before it’s too late?

Aristotle once said, ‘knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ What he neglected to mention, was that it might cause turbulence…


Alexis is a bubbly, warm, passionate and cultured Gemini who loves her wine and beach walks but struggles to find time for a relationship with work and family commitments. She gets her life back on track and is comfortable flying solo, when a casual rendezvous with flyboy Jack sends her into romance free-fall…


Jack is a fun, easy going pilot, who embraces a more the merrier philosophy. A superb communicator, everyone loves Jack including his beautiful children who relish the shared care. An impulsive Gemini, his penchant for the finer things means life is never dull,  especially with smart, strong, and sexy women around.

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